Everywhere a Sign – Spring?

Happy first day of Spring!

Our original title for this post was “Signs of Spring”. But, well, we’re not quite ready to say that yet, nor to show you pictures of the first crocus or daffodils poking up in sunshine. We DID see the grass about a week ago, just before the latest blasts of winter reappeared. So, we wait.

Spring in New England is also town meeting season – government stuff, essential but not exactly glamorous. We consider it a very good sign that ours was recently featured in a front page news story about new local rules for business signs – and noted as an “eye-catching sign that blends with the lakeside environment of the Naples causeway and Village district.”

Sign ordinance gets Naples public hearing in April

Spring always brings news of business changes, a sign of the upcoming season. Congratulations to the new owners at Bray’s – and the happy news that Mike Bray will remain to continue brewing the craft beers that make them famous. Up the road, the Morning Glory Diner just added an addition and completed renovations that will provide a lot more space to enjoy their delicious breakfast offerings. Click to see the project progress on their facebook page!

We’ll be on the lookout for YOU, and more signs of Spring, very soon!

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