Happy Holidays and Baby it’s COLD outside

First and most importantly, Happy Holidays to all our guests, friends and family, from Steve and Sherri! We hope you all enjoy the wonder of this season. As the new years approaches we hope you have time to dream about summer vacation in the Lakes Region of Maine.

Now, on to the weather! If you are anywhere in the north you are experiencing the single digits like we are here in mid-December, days before the official start of winter. BRRR!

We often have conversations with guests during the summer about what life is like here in the quiet season, and many find it odd that so many places in Maine are closed in the winter. Well these current temperatures tell the story – if you don’t get everything buttoned up and drained beforehand, you would have frozen pipes in just a few hours. So yes, Steve celebrates the week following Columbus Day in October by starting the winterizing process. It takes quite a bit of effort to turn off the water system and get all the cabins bundled up before the frost. Along with a host of other details, we are also planning ahead, working on new ideas and improvements to make your experience a memorable one.

Here’s to 2017!

lots of white snow piled on cabin roofs at the edge of the pond

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